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Jessica Averette, LMBT #11087 has been serving massage clients since 2011

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Jessica Averette, LMBT #11087, has training in a mulititude of massage modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Trigger Point Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Cranial Sacral techniques. While she has thousands of hours of study in these techniques and many others, her goal in working with clients is not to provide an extensive menu of offerings, but rather to give each individual a unique experience based on their current and ongoing needs.

Jessica has an innate ability to listen well and actively. She takes into account how a person's daily life as well as their emotional and physical history will influence their physical body during every session. Booking a massage with her means that you will be taken care of on a holistic level. Jessica's favorite part of each session is being able to bring the body's nervous system into the parasympathetic state, where it can rest and recover from stress and injury. She also loves being able to help people understand their own unique bodies and what their individual needs are.

187 Happy Clients
15 Modalities Studied
1,000 Hours Of Study
10 Years Experience

Supporting active bodies

Massage is a powerful tool used to increase our body's ability to thrive during daily activity, to adventure, and beyond!

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Custom Tailored

Each session is designed specifically for each client and can change from appointment to appointment. After evaluation of the client's physical needs and state of being, we will formulate a plan of action.

Personalized Intake

We will begin each session with a conversation regarding your body and history with massage as well as any concerns you may have or goals for our time together.

Innovative Approach

Instead of a one size fits all session, each massage is as unique as the individual experiencing it. Numerous modalities may be used for an integrated massage session.

"I love being a light in someone's schedule, knowing that I may have impact on their lives for the better. Every massage is an opportunity to lift someone up, or affect change in some way." -Jess

One Hour Session

The shortest offering, this is considered a tune up for existing clients or a triall run for new clients to see if we are a good fit.

70 Minutes

A popular choice for current clients, this session gives a few extra minutes to allow for deeper relaxation or focused work within a specific area.

Hour and A Half

The best choice for those who need extra focus or have mulitiple areas of concern. This session is ideal for individuals who need longer to relax.

Feel Good in the body you've got today.

"It is my goal to help you acheive balance and a deep sense of embodiment." - Jess